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Summer Activities in the Twin Cities

There are numerous activities organized in the Twin Cities (St. Paul and Minneapolis) of Minnesota (USA) during the summer. One event that I find it rather unique is the Minnesota Brewery Running Series. It is a weekly running event, and the runner gets the beer at the sponsored local brewery. I am sure the sequence would be running then drinking the beer. Minneapolis has numerous local breweries, and they are popular places to hang out. Some local beers are even tastier than the international famous beer brand. Running, local beer and summer sound an almost healthy way to enjoy the warm season 😀

summer IECMore activities in the summer include numerous festivals, parades, cycling through the lakes, picnic and the baseball match at the Target Field. I wrote a post about the summer activities in the Twin Cities for the newsletter of International Education Center where I am now volunteering. The education center provides courses for the refugees and the immigrants to support their integration in the USA. The post is useful to get familiar of what the Twin Cities offer during the summer, especially if you have never experienced the summer in the Twin Cities. Available to read on: Summer Activities – IEC Minnesota.

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