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Things to do at the Beach ~ Manuel Antonio (Costa Rica)

We arrived at around 10 am in Manuel Antonio (Costa Rica). The plan was to visit its national park but the line to enter the park was incredibly long then Dutchie, and I decided to postpone the visit to the following day. Just a little note for travelers with a plan to visit Manuel Antonio National Park: come early – the earlier, the better!

Costa Rica by Indah Susanti

Costa Rica by Indah Susanti

We were heading to the public beach of Manuel Antonio (beach outside of the national park) for the day. The public beach was free and crowded. But the crowds did not bother us; we rented chairs and umbrella then spent the whole day on the beach until the sunset time. It was incredible to see the variety of activities on the beach. We were so lazy that day, and I did not do special beach activities. Oh well, except for clicking the camera’s shutter, swimming through the waves, and watching the sunset. Following is images of what people do at the beach in Manuel Antonio, and hopefully, they will inspire your next beach trip!


Also being called as Boogie boarding. Bodyboarding is a surface water sport in which the surfer rides a bodyboard on the crest, face, and curl of a wave which is carrying the surfer towards the shore. The waves on the beach of Costa Rica were perfect for bodyboarding. We saw numerous people did so as well the children!

Create Your Own Game

I am not sure the name of this game, maybe something like ‘pushy-wushy your enemy to the sea’? They looked like having a very good time.

Jet Skiing

Of course, who doesn’t know this watercraft?


Based on our observation after several beach activities offers, parasailing was the most expensive beach activity in Manuel Antonio, but it was also the most popular one.


Costa Rica has excellent waves for surfing!

Watch the Sunset

The relaxing day at the beach was ended by admiring the sunset. And it was a beautiful one!

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