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Living in Harmony: The Clown and Its Anemone


Clownfish from Indonesia

The clownfish live within the tentacles of a sea anemone. The sea anemone produces a toxin that protects the clownfish from their predators. A recent study has reported that the clownfish’ wiggle dances are helping their sea anemone host to breathe and help the anemone to aerate themselves, which means the clownfish and anemone need each other to survive living in the ocean.

In short, they live in harmony as part of the mutual symbiosis to survive in the wildlife undersea.

Clownfish by Indah Susanti

Clownfish by Indah Susanti

You don’t have to scuba dive to see the wildlife clownfish and its anemone. In the Indo-Pacific region like in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand, they can be seen easily by snorkeling close to the beach. Just don’t touch the anemone with bare hands as the sea anemone will sting your skin.

Images were taken in Indonesia during scuba diving. My photography gear for these images: Olympus PEN E-PL5 with Olympus Underwater casing PT-EP10 and Strobe INON D2000. Lens: Olympus 60mm 2.8 macro.

PS: I will be late in responding comments and blog walking as I have to finish an online course this weekend. Thank you for staying up with this blog.

More about my scuba diving experience please visit: indahs loves scuba diving



  1. Amazing! Clownfish, we recently learned, are aggressive fish. We thought they swam up to us to welcome us as we swim near their sea anemone homes. We only knew now that their “welcoming dance” is actually a gesture of warning. If the threat seems too much for them, they retreat back into their anemone homes.

    We actually saw a huge green turtle foray too close to an anemone with a clownfish in it. The clownfish attacked the much larger creature, startling the turtle who quickly swam away.

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