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Traveling and Moving ✈

I haven’t been posting on a regular basis lately, blame it on the busy weeks to finalize my work assignments that pay the bills of the travels and this blog. In addition to that: the future moving plan of myself together with Dutchie and our dog, Dante. Job, travel and relocation preparation are not a good combination to maintain a blog regularly. I will be temporarily offline for the next coming weeks and it will also affect the regular posts: Marine Life and Featured Photographer. The two regular posts most likely will up running again next year. Before I am temporarily offline, let me update our news..

First, the next travel…. I made a request on previous post – Top Diving Destinations in Indonesia for your votes to chose our next diving destination in November. Majority voted for Maluku thus, we are going to scuba dive in Ambon (Maluku). I am so excited to see this part of Indonesia and, of course, seeing my family again in Jakarta will be a great reunion. Thank you so much for your votes, I was overwhelmed by the response and I wished I could visit all five destinations in one trip!



The second update: the United States will be our new home. Two weeks ago I was visiting the United States for the first time and it was Minneapolis (Minnesota). Frankly, I only knew Minneapolis from Fargo movie and TV Series, my favorite shows. Luckily, I have featured a photographer from Minneapolis, Dan Anderson, who showed us  the outstanding images of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) and nature in Minnesota thus I got familiar with some places in the Twin Cities that were introduced by his photography and during our e-mail exchange.

I also walked around the downtown of Minneapolis inside of the “Skyway”. It was pretty awesome! I will write further about the Skyway of Minneapolis. It is a control climate footbridge that connecting the buildings around the downtown, a great way to travel within the city during the Minnesota’s long and cold winter. Long and cold winter, this is what I fear most to live in Minneapolis, I am afraid I am going to miss the Dutch mild winter 😮

Big Four Cover wordpressLastly, I will post the winners of  The Big Four (+Giveaway from Dive Inspire) on 26th November. For readers who haven’t mentioned your favorite’s big four, please hurry up before 18th November!!🐬

Although I am off blogging for a while, I will keep posting images in Instagram and Google+, and you are welcome to join me there, as you perhaps notice, I am taking pictures everywhere: in the land and underwater 😉

Until the next post!



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