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My Selfie in His Eye

Selfie Reflection

Can you see my selfie as reflected in Dante’s eye? Dante, my dog, did great being the model for this selfie project as challenged by Bulldog Travels – Calling all Selfies! Selfie is without doubt a phenomenon in social media. I have been taking self portrait myself long before the word selfie became popular in social media.

On other occasion of self portraiture project, I usually used tripod, self timer or remote clicker. Meanwhile for this monochrome image, I used external flash with direction aiming above of Dante’s head to ensure Dante would not get blinded after the camera flash, plus it happened just in one click. He was happy to get a delicious bone after the photo session.

The technical details of the image:
Camera Nikon D90
Lens Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II
Flash Nikon SB910
Manual mode f/3.5 1/200
ISO 200

Thank you for participating in Monochrome link-up party powered by InLinkz last week. The list of the linked posts is available on: Monochrome Monday September 7th. I decided not to host the link-ups using InLinkz since the link-up goes to different page instead of being available at the same page of the post. It’s too bad that WP dot com does not fully accommodate the InLinkz. Hopefully in the future. Have a great week!


  1. Liebe Indah ja der Hebst zeigt sich von seiner Regenseite da bleibt man lieber zu Haus und macht das Beste daraus sei ganz lieb und herzlichst gegrüßt Klaus in Freundschaft

  2. I like photographs but what brought me here was your caring thoughts about refugees on Inese’s blog. I like to think of myself as part time as rtisr and writer, a jack or Jill of all trades but master or mistress of none. 🙂 I used to only post stories but my cell phone has made me decide to add photos. My posts were so deep and like essays I felt I lost people along the way, I hope to somehow connect with people with open hearts. Thank you for sharing your artistic photos, Indah. 🙂 Robin

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