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Bangka Island Wins the Battle!

I have been posting several posts on Bangka Island and the unwanted mining industry by the residents whom majority fishermen. Now here comes the good news: Indonesian Administrative Court (PTUN) as per today, orders the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to revoke the mining license in Bangka Island! Starting today, the children and Nemo of Bangka Island can smile widely and happy for their future land and ocean free from mining waste.

I have been visiting the Island, diving there and making friends with the locals. The Island is too small to be mined and the impact is considered negative to the coast and the seawater. The mining activity has started last year despite of the protests, and it had caused the seawater surrounding the Island murky brown. The mud covered the coastal and some part of the sea where the mangrove forests and the food source for the endangered animal, dugong, were located. The mining was certainly not helping the welfare of the fishermen on the Island who depend on healthy corals and ocean for their livelihoods.

Today is a victory day for the Bangka’s residents, the activists and people who believe that together, we can make a change against destructive investment that threatens our planet. Now it is the turn of the Indonesian authorities to comply with the Court’s Order. I hope Indonesian authorities will not let us down this time.

More articles on the case: Activists Winning Battle to Save Unique Reef from Destructive Mining

Controversial Mine Threatens Indonesian Dive Mecca


  1. So good to hear that the mining has stopped – the impact to the environment is obviously really serious – let’s hope they stick to their guns! Do hope some of our locals succeed against fracking! Good diving Indah

  2. Liebe Indah der Sonntag geht zu Ende und wünsche dir einen guten Start in die neue Woche mit viel Schwung und Elan das wünsche ich dir Klaus

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