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Caledonia’s Calling

Teri Dashfield invited me to join a five day photo challenge with song. I decided to post images related to places that I had visited and matched the images to the songs that represents or about the place. Please bear with me for the next coming five days, and to excite you more, some songs that I am going to include are not in English.

Day 4: Scotland

Caledonia is actually Scotland’s name in the past given by the Romans after a local Celtic tribe, the Caledones. Currently Caledonia is often used as poetic name to call Scotland, like a famous folk song by D. Maclean entitled “Caledonia”. Last year, the song was covered by Paolo Nutini and it was quite popular. I even heard it played by a Dutch radio. Perhaps it was connected with the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Caledonia song is beautiful, it reminds me of the astonishing view of the hills and lochs of Scotland, its amazing castle and its highland dress. It feels like calling me to visit Scotland again.

Caledonia you’re calling me
Now I’m going home
And if I shall become a stranger
No it would make me more than sad
Caledonia’s been everything I’ve ever had

(Partial lyric of Caledonia)


  1. Beautiful photos of Scotland! The second one of the right is my favourite – amazing cloud cover which always makes a photo more interesting.

    I really like Paulo Nutini, but never knew he covered this song Caledonia. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. The first photo is breathtaking Mbak Indah… How the song can be so connected to the place we visited. It reminds me when I visited Casablanca, I kept listening ‘Casablanca’ song most of the time….

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