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Barcelona, Hasta La Vista

Teri Dashfield invited me to join a five day photo challenge with a song. I decided to post images related to places that I had visited and matched the images to the songs that represents or about the place. Please bear with me for the next coming five days, and to excite you more, some songs that I am going to include are not in English.

Day 3:  Barcelona

I loved the lively vibes of Barcelona, especially in Las Ramblas. The city offered a mix of ancient and modern architecture, chic shops and cafés, lovely beach to stroll along. Surprisingly, there was an Indonesian song about Barcelona. It was sang and written by an Indonesian singer in 1990-ish. The song was about a Spanish lady whom he met in Barcelona. He fell in love with the lady and wished to return to Barcelona someday for his new love.

And I will return to Barcelona this month for my second visit 🙂 I will see you soon, Barcelona!

Hasta La Vista Mi Amor
Dihariku Kan Kembali
Kan Kuingatkan Janji
Cintamu Di Barcelona

See you later, my love
One day I will return
I will remember a promise
of your love in Barcelona

(Partial lyric “Barcelona” by Fariz RM)


  1. I dream to have a chance for visiting this city someday. To see beautiful building inside, Sagrada Familia, Casa Milla and other Gaudi’s creation… Beautiful shots, Mbak Indah…

  2. Hi Indah, I haven’t visited Barcelona and so far just read about it only a little. From your narration, that ancient and modern architecture meet, and very vibe, also from Fariz RM song how this city is loudly calling per le of the world to adore and feel it – – I think the city is also very developed and leading in some subjects of science/technology… Maybe in civil engineering, and of course art, and some other subjects… I haven’t known/read it yet… If next time I have any opportunity around there, It’s a must visit for West Med…

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