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Scubaba & Ikelite Photographer of the Month

I am delighted to announce that I am selected by, with special sponsorship by Ikelite, as their Photographer of the Month (PotM) in April 2015! My underwater photos will be posted every day around 5.30pm eastern to Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Scubaba website.

I knew Scubaba from Instagram. I have been following Scubaba’s Instagram and used hashtag #scubaba for my underwater images. After several images with #scubaba hashtag, I was invited to send e-mail to Scubaba if interested to be featured.

Scubaba is a company that provides information about places to scuba dive and top-notch dive centers in the respective area. The company helps scuba divers in finding and making reservation at dive centers around the world. Additionally, there are always promotion and interesting deals from Scubaba.

Meanwhile Ikelite is a well known company for underwater photography equipment like underwater housing, lights, and strobes. I am sure many underwater photographers are familiar with Ikelite products, they are known to have trustworthy quality with reasonable price. I own some of Ikelite underwater equipment as well, but trust me, it has nothing to do with the selection to be a PotM 😉

Photographer of the Month

Scubaba2For readers who are into underwater photography and would love to have your work to be featured, please join the PotM selection. A complete information is available in page – PotM of Scubaba and Ikelite. My recommendations (in case if you are interested to participate): (1) upload your best underwater images in Instagram and use hashtag #scubaba, then (2) send e-mail to Scubaba that you are interested to be a PotM by mentioning your instagram account. You can follow Scubaba in instagram to get the updates.

Scubaba also did an interview about my scuba diving and my underwater photography. Please visit the interview on this page: Photographer of the Month – Indah Susanti. You will find new things that I haven’t shared in this blog 😉

Comments are closed for this post. Please leave your comments in Scubaba or Facebook Page if you’d like to and I am thanking you for doing so. I always appreciate your supportive and kind comments, the likes and your regular visits 🙂 Thank you!

Best fishes from windy Rotterdam!

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