Torres de Serranos in Valencia (Spain)

Torres de Serranos used to be one of the gates of the old medieval city wall surrounding Valencia (Spain). The gate was built in the 14th centuries with defensive function, however in late 15th century, its function changed to a prison for the elites who committed crimes.

Torres de SerranosThe gate was very clean and impressively tall. I have read that its restoration was finished just recently. There were plenty of steps to reach the top of the gate. The steps were very steep to climb and barely protected by railings. I did not dare to climb to its highest tower since I got dizzy after the third level. The third level as captured on the second image above. Maybe secretly I suffer minor acrophobia. Dutchie continued climbing to the top and he reported the view of the city was beautiful. I could only imagine the old days when the guards were on watch-duty to secure Valencia from possible attacks.

I recommend to visit the gate in early morning or even in the evening for better scenery of the city with beautiful morning or night lights. The gate’s location is nearby to numerous tourist attractions like La Lonja de la Seda, it is worth to include this gate to visit. The main attraction of the gate is the scenery of Valencia and the river Turia from the top. Meanwhile most of the area inside of the gate itself is empty.

Torres de Serranos


Practical Information

Opening hours:
Monday is closed
Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:30
Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00

Fee: 2 Euro
Free entrance for Valencia Tourist Card holder and on Sunday.

Unfortunately there is no facilities for persons with disabilities.

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  1. am in love with the second image… if I ever try a wide-angle lens, it will be because of your photos… so inspiring…