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Dauin’s Duo ♥

Underwater Photography by Indah SusantiDauin, Dumaguete in Negros Island of the Philippines is my new favorite location for scuba diving. Our first dive was at a dive site called “Poblacion and Cars” where it was black volcanic sandy bottom area with numerous marine species. It was a typical dive site for muck diving! I did muck diving in Lembeh Strait and loved this type of diving since then. Almost all dive sites in Dauin has similar characteristics. My favorite dive site is “Mainit” where the dive site has several huge rocks with impressive marine life and  also thermal hot spring. Mainit dive site has current but not as strong as I had experienced in Komodo and Raja Ampat. Scuba divers can expect to see bigger fish like barracuda there.


Further complete information about Dauin as travel destination and scuba diving as you can read from World Adventure Divers’ post Muck Diving Paradise in Dauin. The post is very well written and provide interesting facts about muck diving and Dauin as travel destination.

Special Duos from Dauin

One thing that I adore from the diving in Dauin, I saw various marine species not just alone or in a group but also together as a pair. To mark the Valentine’s day, let me share the photos of marine species in Dauin when they were found together with their companion. Maybe they were mating partner or just being together accidentally. The baby cuttlefish (they were less than five cm) for instance, perhaps they hatched together – brother and sister, maybe? One can always imagine, a marine species also has a “buddy” as its companion.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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