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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015

I guess most readers especially those who reside in Europe must have been familiar with this prestigious photography event. It is organised by British Natural History Museum and BBC Worldwide. The competition of the Wildlife Photographer of the year 2015 is now open for all level of photographers (amateurs, professional and young) who have interests on wildlife and nature. There are 17 categories for Adult Awards like Birds, Mammals, Invertebrates, Earth Environment, Black and White; and also Underwater Species. The competition is also open for young photographers aged 17 and under.  I have seen there are amazing photographers in this blogging community and I hope someday to see their images chosen as the winning images of this event.

The entry cost to join the competition is £30.00 and you allow to submit 20 images. Usually I am not considering a photography competition that require entry cost for images submission, however for this case, even if the participants do not win, the money will go to support the Museum that focus on natural history and the wildlife protection campaign.

Passing Giants

Passing Giants by Indra Swari

At this point, I don’t think it is necessary to introduce the awards and prizes, it is a prestigious event and the winning photographs will be exhibited around the world. Please take a look at last year winner in this gallery- Wildlife Photographers of the Year 2014. An Indonesian female photographer won an Adult Awards in Underwater Species category with her image of whale sharks – Passing Giants. And yes, she is one of my favorite photographers, who has inspired me to scuba dive.


The deadline is 26 February 2015. Please check for the details in its official website: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015.

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