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Monochrome Monday: Whale Sharks

Visiting Oslob to snorkel with the whale sharks was one of our travel itineraries in the Philippines. Four whale sharks were seen, face to face and so closed by. I can’t describe the feeling when snorkeling with these giants that considered as the biggest fish on the planet. It was amusing with admiration and also happy seeing them lived and swam freely in the ocean. And I was impressed how gentle they were when swimming side by side with humans!

The practice of whale sharks feeding in Oslob has raised critics – which I will explain in details on Marine Life monthly post later this week. However Oslob offers opportunity to get close encounter with the “wild” that is lesser of the two evils if being compared to huge organisations that keep the wilds in their sea aquarium as captivity like Sea Life or Ocean-whatever.

Whale Sharks by Indah Susanti

Nothing can beat the excitement feeling to see unique marine life in their habitat, ocean. The ocean has always been an amazing place for me to experience the serenity, for its fragility and beauty at the same time.  It has been a week since my return and I already miss the tropical ocean.


Every time I slip into the ocean, it’s like going home (Sylvia Earle).

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    • Hi Mario, thank you 😊 yes i knew about Donsol not feeding the sharks and the feeding practices in Oslob before visiting. I wrote about it on another post after this actually. It was time constraint to visit Donsol but the most importantly I was there not on whale season. I was traveling around Cebu-Moalboal-Dumaguete.

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