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Plaza Vieja’s Planetarium

On my previous post of Cuba, Mesmerizing Havana Vieja, I mentioned Plaza Vieja as my favorite square in Havana. It was surrounded by colorful buildings with picturesque corridors and high ceiling. I could not help to take pictures of those corridors in several angles. The corridor and wall in front of the Planetarium in Plaza Vieja was perhaps the most interesting one. The ceiling, door and windows on the corridors painted in bright blue with antique looking lamps.

Meanwhile the wall of the planetarium has names of famous scientists. Are you familiar with their names?

The planetarium itself was small, built in 2010 with the Japanese funding. It has good air conditioning, a perfect place to escape from the afternoon heat and to learn our universe. Most of the explanation displays were in Spanish, I was forced to remember what I had learned from my short Spanish course.


Practical Information

Plaza Vieja, Old city of Havana, just look for the blue bright corridor/door as pictured 😉
Opening Time:
Monday to Saturday from 09:30 to 17:00
Sunday from 09:30 to 12:30
Entrance Fee
Dutchie and I entered without being asked to pay entrance tickets. However, some websites mentioned that actually visitors have to pay 10 CUP. Sincerely back then we had no idea that we had to pay!


  1. What a beautiful blue, they have clean and neat lines, yet romantic ambience in these shade of blue. You capture it all, Indah. Love your compositions of these blue, specially photo no. 1.

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