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Monochrome Monday: Hong Kong

HongKong by Indah Susanti

It was not easy to take picture of Hong Kong in minimalist approach. Hong Kong is a concrete jungle with busy urban street life and harbors, for which I enjoyed on each visit I made. This picture was taken in Kowloon’s Tsim Sha Tsui neighborhood on a misty morning. It’s not as minimalist as I wish to show on this post but I hope it justifies the minimalist approach of the hustle Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbor.

Since September, Hong Kong is facing political turmoil related to its democratic process. The pro democracy protesters who started the Umbrella Revolution movement are still continuing their struggle. China’s ‘One Country Two Systems’ over Hong Kong is on question mark. Please allow me to mention an amazing photographic essay of the Hong Kong movement by China Sojourns Photography. From his beautiful photography in post Hong Kong Democracy: The Umbrella Revolution, you can feel Hong Kong in the “revolution” movement atmosphere. A peaceful movement.

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