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The Eye of Knowledge


Monochrome Monday the eye

One of amazing architecture designs by Santiago Calatrava together with Félix Candela: Hemispheric Planetarium in Valencia (Spain). With the building’s reflection on the surrounding water pool, the building, and its reflection becomes an eye. The bottom of the basin is covered by a mirror to give the illusion. The planetarium itself is the center of the City of Arts and Sciences and called as the eye of knowledge. The whole concept blew my mind, after all, shouldn’t we have our eyes open to the knowledge and our surroundings?


  1. This blew my mind as well, Indah! Oh, yes, our eyes need to be open to SEE, yet so many eyes are not open. It takes courage to SEE. Bless you, Indah! Love, Amy

  2. What a great concept! Stunning capture, as usual, Indah. And I love the moon peeking through the clouds too 🙂

    • It was a prefect timing with the moon and the clouds 😉 aah sometimes we need the nature to help photographers 😉 Thank you so much, and hope you are having a wonderful week 🙂

    • Thank you so much Diana! The building is very unique, Valencia is an interesting city to visit – it offers the old architecture to modern/futuristic style architecture 🙂

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