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Monochrome Monday: Caught in the Act!

Monochrome Monday

100th post! I can’t believe that finally my blog post reached to three digits number. And this is my 15th Monochrome Monday post!

Having weekly post like Monochrome Monday motivates me to do candid and street photography more often. In practice I wish to catch the moments like action and expressions of a person or a group of people. But sometimes a photographer can get caught when trying to capture those moments..and here is the result when it did happen..


  1. He wasn’t impressed with your photo taking, huh, Indah? I’m very shy of taking street photographs unless they’re performers or the like. Congrats on 100 🙂

  2. Congrats Indah for hitting the century, it is a great achievement and is a wonderful feeling. This is just a beginning and we look forward to more such centuries…Best Wishes!!!

  3. Congratulation Indah! 100! Wow.
    And thanks for visiting. You’ve been quite busy “catching up” yesterday!
    Tot ziens!

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