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The Cutest Team Member of KLM Lost and Found!

I am not trying to promote KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines, through this post. Actually  sometimes I did get annoyed with their services when traveling with them. I shared this video just because the advertising shows an innovative way and adorable at the same time.

Losing our stuff during flight happens and KLM advertising here is brilliant plus adorable by showing its willingness to help by sending their beagle dog whose name is Sherlock to find the owners.

Have you accidentally left your belonging on a flight before? Did you get it back?


Please visit the link to Sherlock KLM dog is an Adorable Lie to read more of the explanation.


    • 😉 Please do share the’s too cute not to be shared and perhaps combine it with the beagles of the Greenland 😉 They must be very cute!! I love beagles – their floppy ears made them so adorable! 😉

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