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Monochrome Monday: Balinese Swastika

I took this swastika picture from the wall of Balinese Hindu Temple, Goa Lawah Temple. The Temple is famous for its Bat Cave. I was told by a Balinese guard of the Temple that it was built in 1007.

Swastika is a familiar symbol in Europe that represents the dark side of the genocide in the World War Two. Many perhaps do not realize that this symbol has been existed hundreds years before the World War Two as belief symbol to some ethnic groups in Asia. In Bali (Indonesia), the swastika believed was introduced by their Hindus Kings to represent the peace and prosperity that linked to the sun, the moon, the earth and the sea. It is also common to see the swastika symbol in front of houses, such as on the doors, gates or walls. The Balinese placed the drawing of swastika with beliefs of its protection and for bringing good luck. The symbol has endured for centuries and influenced the way of life in Bali, a peaceful life.


  1. The original meaning is so perfect and beautiful…I remember seeing these on my first travels in SE Asia, and being so intrigued by the story and beauty of its history. So great for you to write up this post…

      • It is such a powerful symbol, and I really hope it returns soon to take on the old meaning because it is actually quite beautiful (very Buddhist and the meaning and symbol together). I didn’t know it was used by Native Americans, but since they did come from Asia it does not surprise me 🙂

  2. I never knew that about the Swastika until I read another post a while back similar to this. I am glad to know. It has been given such a negative connotation because of the Nazis. I would much rather it be attributed to peace and prosperity than death and evil. Thanks for posting.

  3. Wah.. nemu monochrome yang di Bali 🙂 saya senang sekali liat2 foto monokromnya.. meskipun monokrom, tetapi seperti ada kesan banyak warna yang tersembunyi, seperti foto yang menyimpan seribu cerita 😀

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