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  1. Did I ever tell you how much I love your pictures? Amazing! Great blog. I keep returning to it 🙂 We will visit Komodo National park soon and am so excited! Who did you dive with? Any recommendations who to go with or any operators/livaboards to avoid? Thanks and keep up your good work!

    • Thank you so much! Your comment is truly made my weekend 🙂
      Wow, it’s awesome that you will visit Komodo soon! I am sure you will enjoy Komodo, the diving is superb and the komodos themselves are pretty cool dragons..We did landbased back then – it was in December so not many liveaboard options since most of them move to Raja Ampat.
      We stayed in Komodo Resort (in Sebayur island) for five days, it is the only dive resort in the island – good service with delicious food (Italian management, so you can imagine the food is also including Italian dishes everyday). And we stayed another five days in Labuan Bajo, we used Orca Dive Center, great service as well but I consider bit overprice.
      For LOB, I have heard good recommendation on Komodo Dancer from British couple who used their service. Have you checked forum? The forum usually have reviews on LOB..unfortunately I haven’t been done LOB in Komodo yet 😦

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