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Goa, Stormy Days

Never underestimate August’s Indian monsoon in Goa. We spent our days inside of our hotel most of the time. Stormy days with rain pouring down cats and dogs. No trains worked during these days due to flooding in several Indian railways tracks. The only option was flying via Mumbay (with some turbulence issue).

No beach holidays. Lesson learned.

Photos on India to print: India by indahs


  1. Hey! I like monsoon In goa! I just returned from one and I thought it was so pretty, I even wrote a post about it!
    Yes, it can definitely mess up with your travel plans but meh! It rains and it is a whole different world!

  2. Oups, sorry to hear that! How things look prettier when the sun is shining….
    We took about one week to drive though Goa (from north to south) mid May a few years ago and even if the rain had not yet started, the sea was rough as it happens before monsoon and we couldn’t really enjoy the beach life. During the same trip it happened in some Kerala beach spots that we got some rain and yes, it can certainly change your mood!

  3. U’ve been to Goa…how did you like it here. I come from the smallest state in India .. ie Goa 🙂 Goa must have surely had a facelift with your arrival, we don’t have pretty visitors come into Goa all the time 🙂

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