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Jaipur’s Street Life in A Day

Jaipur, Pink City, capital of Rajasthan state in the north part of India. Populated with three millions people, living in an ancient city surrounded by old buildings and unique traditions, without doubt the city’s street life in Jaipur would be interesting to capture. Indians are friendly to camera. It seems that they don’t feel a photographer would intervene their being as a private individual, unlike most people in the Netherlands’ streets would react. Having been living in the Netherlands too long, I do have problem when taking picture of street life: I am too shy and worry that I may intervene the privacy of my photography subject.

In responding to Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge and as it is matched to my goal to complete the posting of my trip in India, I dare myself to show some photos of the street life in Jaipur. This time I mixed the photos of black and white with the colors ones. Unconventional presentation, but let’s make something different once a while. My favorite photo is an old man in his rickshaw, he was smiling at me when I took his picture. Hope you enjoy the photos!


  1. Great mix of B&W and colour photos. I usually worry about clicking people on the streets. Though it makes for such interesting photos. I know I wouldn’t like it if someone was clicking my pictures…. so I don’t often click others as well.

  2. Thank you Kan.
    Indeed, I feel the same way, normally I don’t take photos of people in the street as well. India is bit different, and actually in Indonesia as well, people are more relax there. Street photography is certainly not easy to do in certain countries. In the Netherlands, people would shout or complain directly at the photographer, making it as a scene…I saw some incidents already and would not like it if I were the photographer..

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