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Sunny Sunday: Hoek van Holland

It is very rare to have a beautiful sunny day in the Netherlands during the winter season, especially on Sunday. So we decided to have a long walk with our dog, Dante, in Hoek van Holland beach, just 26 km from Rotterdam.

Perfect day to walk on the beach. Dante enjoyed it too although at first, he acted weird. He wanted to return home by dragging his leash to the direction of the parking lot (silly dog; the leash was not even attached to his collar).

And the day ended beautifully in Hoek van Holland πŸ™‚


  1. yep, Dante looks great, I remembered our late setter foundling, named Asti, once found in Belgium in deep winter storm…(tri-state-area BE/GE/NL)….
    have a good beginning of the week, dear Indah…:-)))

  2. You sincerely have a delightful blog. I have been to Holland in 1961 as a small boy…..the day I went to Amsterdam too was nice. I sure do wish I could go back and photograph. Many, many windmills and Tulips is mostly what I remember as well as the canal boats. I think you live in an exciting part of the world. Warm Regards. Thank you for visiting my blog and website.

    • Thank you! I enjoy looking at the pictures in your blog. Hope you will visit the Netherlands again the meantime I promise to update my blog regularly on some interesting sightseeing and events in Holland πŸ™‚

    • The mussels here are quite good, although I have never tried it πŸ˜€ but some friends here really love them. Unfortunately I am trying to eat less seafood especially fish (tuna for sure) – it’s because of the overfishing issue.

      • Fair enough πŸ™‚

        I love oysters, whelks and different types of seafood but I don’t like the taste of fish French supermarkets sell. There is something off. It tastes industrial, color is funny, and I just wonder “what went wrong”…. This said, we sometimes, quite rarely, order take-away Japanese but yeah, I do wonder about the origin, ecology and all that.

        It is pretty difficult to find organic and ecological fish and seafood!!

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