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Komodo-Rinca Archipelago: Landscape Photos

During our diving holiday in Komodo-Rinca Archipelago, Flores, Indonesia, I can not help myself to enjoy the scenery of the area. Most of the islands are uninhabited, so far I know only Komodo and Rinca islands, home to prehistoric Komodo dragon, which has villages.

Komodo National Park itself already listed as UNESCO World Heritage. The parks, which are located on Komodo Island and Rinca island, could be visited via Labuan Bajo Port, the mainland. The differences of Komodo dragon in Komodo island and Rinca island is their sizes. Komodo dragon in Rinca island somehow has a smaller size than the ones on Komodo island.

Hope you enjoy our travel images!


  1. We’ve recently returned from Indoneisa. We also visited Komodo national park and sourrounding islands and were amazed by the scenery and the landscape. You’re photos are stunning!

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